Katie Philo is a Broadcaster, Writer and Digital Producer based in New York City.


Hello, I'm Katie –  a 29-year-old Brit, currently masquerading as a New Yorker. It all goes rather well, until someone bumps into me and I apologise. Or, when I’m in a coffee shop, but insist on ordering a $3 cup of tea. Or, when I ask a perplexed waiter for water and succumb to saying ‘warder’. Don’t worry, tomato is still tom-arto and yoghurt is yog-hurt.

Born and bred in rural Hampshire, I spent my teenage years longing for London, which prompted my three years studying history at UCL. Upon graduating, I became a professional purveyor of internships, fearing commitment in my desperate search for the ‘dream job.’

Needless to say, I didn’t find it. At a loss for what to do next, I moved to New York for a year as part of a career exchange program. While my role in Financial Video Marketing for a large media company didn’t earn the ‘dream job’ stamp of approval, one year adventuring in NYC was reasonable consolation. That said, paper-pushing in corporate America convinced me of my teenage ambition to work for the BBC.

It was three months from the moment I hit down on the tarmac at London Heathrow before I walked through the revolving doors at the BBC in White City – and it was three years until I spun my way out of New Broadcasting House for the final time. During those three years, I worked for BBC iPlayer, BBC Podcasts, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC Two, Radio 2 and BBC One. Teenage Katie was ecstatic. Twenty-something Katie wondered what was next.

Almost three years to the day I started at the BBC in London, I had a meeting with BBC Studios in New York. Six months and a spot of travel around Asia later, I boarded a plane in the thick of winter to begin my new chapter in New York. And that’s where I am today, on this rainy Saturday as I write this.

Beyond the workplace, I’m an avid podcast listener.  I have a twin brother, who is five minutes younger than me (not sure why all twins have to qualify this, but they do). I recently became a qualified PADI diver in Bali. Nothing beats the serenity found on the ocean’s floor. One of my greatest ambitions is to swim with Great White Sharks. Music has always been a huge part of my life – old and new. I still need (yes, need) to see The Rolling Stones live.