Katie Philo is a Broadcaster, Writer and Digital Producer based in New York City.


Hello, I'm Katie –  a 28-year-old Brit, currently masquerading as a New Yorker. It all goes rather well, until someone bumps into me and I apologise. Or, when I’m in a coffee shop, but insist on ordering a $3 cup of tea. Or, when I ask a perplexed waiter for water and succumb to saying ‘warder’. Don’t worry, tomato is still tom-arto and yoghurt is yog-hurt.

Born and bred in rural Hampshire, I spent my teenage years longing for London, which prompted my three years studying history at UCL. Upon graduating, I became a professional purveyor of internships, fearing commitment in my desperate search for the ‘dream job.’

Needless to say, I didn’t find it. At a loss for what to do next, I moved to New York for a year as part of a career exchange program. While my role in Financial Video Marketing for a large media company didn’t earn the ‘dream job’ stamp of approval, one year adventuring in NYC was reasonable consolation. That said, paper-pushing in corporate America convinced me of my teenage ambition to work for the BBC.

It was three months from the moment I hit down on the tarmac at London Heathrow before I walked through the revolving doors at the BBC in White City – and it was three years until I spun my way out of New Broadcasting House for the final time. During those three years, I worked for BBC iPlayer, BBC Podcasts, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC Two, Radio 2 and BBC One. Teenage Katie was ecstatic. Twenty-something Katie wondered what was next.

Almost three years to the day I started at the BBC in London, I had a meeting with BBC Worldwide in New York. Six months and a spot of travel around Asia later, I boarded a plane in the thick of winter to begin my new chapter in New York. And that’s where I am today, on this rainy Saturday as I write this.

Beyond the workplace, I’m an avid podcast listener.  I have a twin brother, who is five minutes younger than me (not sure why all twins have to qualify this, but they do). I recently became a qualified PADI diver in Bali. Nothing beats the serenity found on the ocean’s floor. One of my greatest ambitions is to swim with Great White Sharks. Music has always been a huge part of my life – old and new. I still need (yes, need) to see The Rolling Stones live.

Forever feeling like a lost sheep when it comes to, putting it plainly, WTF to do with my life, I hope my writing makes other lost millennials feel less alone. This blog is a place for me to just write, sharing musings on identity, pop culture, work, fashion and feminism, with the occasional pause to contemplate why my cat insists on sitting on fresh paper and the majestic qualities of aforementioned Great White Sharks. This is also why I created my weekly podcast 'When I Grow Up' - all about the trials, tribulations and joys of growing up. I want everyone to know that it's OK to not know where you're going.