A New Chapter On The Internet

This is so difficult to write. I’ve read every ‘how to blog’ post, watched every video, devoured blogs I admire. How on earth, in 2018, do you start a blog? Or perhaps the question should be, why do you start a blog?

I can’t help but feel like a total narcissist joining a world so thriving and colourful… no one needs another guest at the dinner party. For one, there isn’t room. Unless you fancy pulling up a fold-up IKEA chair and awkwardly maneuvering your elbows all night as to not jog your perfectly preened, Insta-famous neighbor.


What’s more, I’ve forever been one of those curious self-starters, exploring new platforms with a yearning to produce content. However, it doesn’t always last long. And I can now be totally honest why… because I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I started a music blog called ‘The Music Minute’ not just because I love music, but because I saw it as a vehicle to getting me the job I so desired. Posting on the blog felt like an arduous chore. I mindlessly scrolled the Internet looking for inspiration and (I hate to admit) nicking a few metaphors here and there.

Once I landed safely in my so-called dream job, I packed the blog away into a drawer and it’s been gathering dust ever since. That’s not to say I haven’t thought about feeding my creativity with other projects. My mind has been full of wild ideas that, when it comes to execution, never quite get off the ground.

From Train Pains (a blog I created to document the very real struggle of the daily commute), Life and Life Only (a lifestyle blog, not dissimilar from this, for which I spent at least two months pontificating about the name, only to christen it with a line from a Bob Dylan song – it still sits as an expired trial in Square Space FYI), to an Instagram account @cookiecombat to try and encourage me to, well, give cookies a wide birth… you get the picture. I’m a serial offender when it comes to starting a project, getting excited, and then getting bored soon after.

What’s different this time? I’m doing it for complete, unadulterated enjoyment. There is no end destination in sight. Just a desire to write in the hope that somehow, somewhere, someone will connect. 

One day, out of sheer curiosity, I tallied up the number of jobs I'd had (including every Saturday job, unpaid internship, freelance gig, etc) and I totaled a whopping 34. THIRTY-FOUR. More than one per year I've been on this planet. Although, I obviously wasn't working when I popped out the womb. While my number may suggest grasshopper tendencies, it's also representative of the picture painted of Millennials more generally. One LinkedIn Executive suggested that Millennials will have 15 job changes in their lives — so I'm kind of already over halfway there. Gulp. 

The most common thread in my twenties so far is an unshakeable feeling of being lost. In what feels like the throes of a constant existential crisis, I am often found questioning my career and life choices. One quick scroll through my Whatsapp conversations would reveal that many of my friend's feel the same. Millennial grasshopper stereotypes aside, I hope writing this will help me and others find our way, wherever that may be. 


And so it begins, a new chapter on the Internet.  Here’s to the journey.